Meet Our Staff: Lauren Tsitos

Meet Lauren Tsitos!

Lauren is our front of house and manager of the Wholefoods Dept! She is an avid foodie, a master of raw treats, fitness enthusiast, and all round beauty.

Read below her story of how she came to be so dedicated to health, food, wellness, and a part of our team.


I’ve always grown up learning about a healthy balanced diet. With memories of my dad re-inforcing that cadbury isn’t for kids and is a “sometimes” food for adults. We were never allowed mcdonalds but instead dad would always have his FAMOUS super salad sandwiches on hand. However, although sure enough they were packed full of veggies and “healthy”, there was something in them un- beknowing that made me constantly sick!

So time goes on and every time I have that glass of milk with dinner I would become ill. Coming from an Italian background I would eat pasta nearly every second night and afterwards would crawl around the house as if my sister had secretly poisoned my food. My parents would blame something else in the food, but as I grew older it was clear I had allergies to dairy and gluten; and the older I got the worse the symptoms became. Only hospitalised a few times in my late teens my family doctor said I was deteriorating my intestines by indulging in those yummy foods my body couldn’t handle.

OK, FINE! So I cut them out, as simple as that. The day I cut out the foods I was/am allergic to was the day my views on health changed. Gone are the days of maccas runs, overdosing on cheesecake and crepes, constant binges on chocolate easter eggs (strict upbringings give you these urges to douse yourself in bad foods). I was a new person now going for walks and eating salads, proteins and fruit.

Now (5 years on since the day I completely cut every speckle of gluten and dairy out of my diet) I have reaped the benefits (for my own health). I live and breathe health! I practice what I preach and I train to keep my body and mind happy.

I have learned that combining good, wholesome foods and exercise gives me the energy and the determination to keep travelling on even when life throws a bad egg. It’s a no brainer and that’s what spiked my love for healthy creations. I started creating raw treats for myself, this grew into a passion of mine, creating food, sharing it with family and friends and now offering it to the public to show you that raw desserts are just as fulfilling as the “delicious but oh so naughty” desserts we eat. Good bye to my years as a Personal Assistant and goodbye to slaving away inside an isolated office. HELLO New Active Life!!!!!

I put so much effort into creating something flavoursome, wholesome and healthy. I use premium ingredients mixed with special blends of minerals and herbs/flower extracts to give my desserts somewhat of a medicinal purpose. I am constantly learning, constantly creating (and eating) and being apart of Wholefoods Dept to now manage and input ideas into a healthy and wholesome menu is something I am highly grateful for. To be a part of a team that holds the same values and passion as you is invigorating. Being able to do what I love, and share it with a wonderful community is (in my words) the bees knees.

Get ready to share the love that we create through our foods at Wholefoods Dept!

Check out more of Lauren’s healthy treat creations via her own website



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