Yes We Are Open!

Wholefoods Dept opened it’s doors to Potts Point and Sydney foodies on Tuesday 21st June, and we are pumped for the journey ahead!

Our philosophy is simple, we want to bring real cooking, nutritious and wholesome food to our local community.

For our gym members we want to offer a place where you can refuel after your training sessions and know that you are only further enhancing the hard work put in upstairs.

For our local health conscious eaters, we want to offer a place where you know you are getting wholesome quality ingredients to feed and nurture your bodies.

For our food lovers, who want nothing more than a filling, mouth watering, hands down delicious meal in a clean and welcoming environment, let’s just say we’ve got you covered!

We open Tuesday – Sunday 7am to 2pm serving coffee, breakfast, brunch and lunch throughout the day.

Come and fuel your bodies!

Come and satisfy your cravings!

Come dine with us!

Wholefoods Dept-88

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