Pull up a chair.

Eat. Nourish. Replenish.

Whole community.

Wholesome living.

Wholefoods Dept.

Wholefoods Dept is the locals spot. Situated in Potts Point directly below it’s partner business P.E.Dept Gym, we strive to make a more wholesome, healthier and vibrant community through good food and good living.

We open the doors early with fresh juices, aromatic coffee, fueling breakfast options and delicious protein smoothies.

Our brunch and lunch menus see a variety of healthy, hearty and tantalizing dishes to fuel anything you might have going on for the day.

Come relax with a soothing tea, bring your laptop and work with a warm latte in hand, or soak in the sun via our outdoors courtyard as you drink and eat to your hearts content.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 7am – 230pm

Saturday 730am – 3pm

Sunday 830am – 3pm

02 93584483